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11m Aluminium Displacement Barge
This vessel built by Commando Boats in aluminium.

The design brief called for a low speed barge capable of loading either 6 tonnes of bunker fuel or 6 tonnes of fresh water (or 3 tonnes of both) in separate tanks to service fishing vessels moored offshore. The barge was also required to be able to load 6 tonnes of fish in bags on deck and offload them with an on board Hiab crane at a wharf. The deck cargo means a substantial bulwark needed to be incorporated. When not used in these roles, she would be used in long line fishing also, at 6 knots. The sea state and wind at the site of operation can be bad, so reasonably good handling characteristics, rugged fendering and bollards etc are incorporated. On board pumping and hydraulic systems to pump the tanks and work the Hiab and reel winch. The boat would often be lifted onto the wharf on it’s own slings and lifting lugs. Propulsion is via a single diesel powered waterjet.

One limiting constraint is the present door width at Commando Boats (it is due to be widened). So the beam was effectively limited to 3.95m including the aluminium rail cappings/bumpers and chafe strips. The limiting condition is sufficient freeboard when the Hiab is offloading a 500 kg bag onto the wharf with a 6 tonne deck load, and that heel angle is not excessive under these circumstances. The boat will heel about 10 degrees under these circumstances without immersing the main deck. Stability characteristics, area under the GZ curve etc are all better than survey requirement The structure is rugged and in excess of survey requirements. She carries about 600 liters of fuel and 400 liters of hydraulic fluid. The boat is 11.225 m overall excluding the 800mm long platform over the jet unit. The fully loaded operational boat draws 400mm without cargo and 650mm with cargo.

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