Yachting in New Zealand can be dated as far back as 1841. It had been a long time sports coupled with sailing, hence the need for more yacht designs increasingly grew in the 19th and 20th century. One of the major annual events that featured yachting as a sport was the Wellington Anniversary Regatta.  Approximately 80% of New Zealand’s Yachting population is associated with Auckland.

The Different Categories of Yachts Designed in NZ

Expedition Yacht

These yachts are designed uniquely for long journeys and not just for cruise trips. These self-sufficient yachts are perfect for people with plans to undertake long voyages on the sea. They are built with the best durable materials that enable them sail efficiently and stand against water tides. A typical expedition yacht can conveniently provide luxury, style and durability altogether which makes them more expensive which is the reason most people can’t afford them.

Motor Yacht

Often seen as the upgraded version of the sailing yacht, they are designed mainly for pleasure. People hire these yachts for casual hangouts, parties and almost every sort of fun you can get on land. Their interiors furnished with dance floors, swimming pools, hot tubs and bars. It can be used for short trips as it is not recommended for long journeys unlike Expedition yachts. 

Sailing Yacht

For a great classic sailing experience, the sailing yacht could be an ideal option. Traditionally designed, these yachts can pose a great challenge if you don’t have any prior knowledge sailing. But people with huge years of sailing experience would pay their last dime on these yachts. Their main feature include having sailing hoists but without a motor. A motor can be attached to some traditional yachts and make them hybrid for people with that preference. Motors aid in cases of emergency.

Fishing Yacht

Specially created and designed for fishing purposes, this yacht is a combination of fun and luxury. Equipped with fishing gears and enough space for accommodating preys. They can be used for fishing trips in most parts of New Zealand

Classic Yachts

Designed with the concept of ancient yachts, they can be dated back to the 1920s and because of their uniqueness they mostly used for recreation in modern times. Their charm and magnificent looks exudes from the fact that they are handcrafted. Made mainly of wood and sometimes steel, most people that sail on classic yachts will boast of having a feel they do not get with modern yachts. Another interesting fact about these ships is that their interiors remain the same way they were built without any alteration. Most of these yachts are seen in Auckland.

List of Best Yacht Designers in NZ

  • Marco Boatz
  • Lavrano Yacht Design
  • Farrier Marine
  • Yachting Development
  • Kelsall Boats
  •  Young Yacht Design
  • Sealegs Boats
  • Atomix Boats
  • McMullen & Wing
  • Bakewell- White Yacht Design
  • Fitzroy
  • Alloy Yachts
  • Boat Tech Motor Yachts
  • Vaudrey Miller 
  • Thackwray Yachts
  • Aqualine Boats 
  • Salthouse Marine
  • Nimrod Rescue Craft


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